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Communication skill

9 Effective ways To Improve Communication Skills in daily life

Communication skills are the ability to use when giving and receiving different kinds of information. it allow you to understand and understood by others. there are some examples include a communication new ideas. communication skill involving speaking, listening, observing and empathizing. it is also very helpful to understand the differences in how to communicate thought to face to face interaction with others and also communicate with different modes modes of communication are phone communications, digital media platforms communications like e-mail and social media.

There are many different types of communication method you can practice and learn to help you become an good and effective communicator.  

Verbal Communication

1. It means transmission of meaning throught oral and written words. 

2. It is based on face to face, phone or tele conferencing etc. 

3. It is short and long term period. 

4. It is both formal & informal way of communication. 

5. It builds up a individual relations.


Non-Verbal Communication

1. The Communications that takes place between sender and receiver with the use of sign and body language.

2. It is based on facial expression, eye connect and smile etc.

3. It is short term period only.

4. It is a verbal way of communication.

5. It does not build up individual relations.

Oral Communication skill

1. Oral Communication is less formal. 

2. It produces a prompt response of some kind. 

3. Oral communication is not valid much for legal purposes. 

4. Oral communication is highly flexible.

5. It isi an active transfer of information.

Written Communication skill

1. Written communication is formal, planed and detailed.

2. It causes a response after lapse of some time.

3. It carries more than authority and is proof of a transaction.

4. It is rigid and inflexible.

5. It is precise and direct.

Be a Good Listener

Communication skills

A good listener is someone who focus on another person is saying and engages with their ideas and thoughts with a comprehensive way. a good listening is not just about learning what a person saying but the making a commitment to understand the information they are presenting and responding constructively. 

Listening is an very important part of connecting with others and learning with others from others like friends, boss and family members etc. leaning to be a better listener prepares us to understand their lives and needs of others. listening is more important then hearing because it require to be a active person and listen their words carefully and silently. participation to create a mutual interaction to build communication with others, and it is considered as a good communication skill.

Body Language

Body Language​

Body language is very important part for improve your communication skill. body language is the use of physical behavior to express or convey information to others. such behaviors includes facial expressions, body posture, gesture, touch, eye movement and the use of space. body language is an important and modern aspect of build communications and relation with others. the study of body language is called a kinesics.

Body language and communication are closely linked with each other because our body language affects how we communicate and how we communicate impact our body language. when we feel confident our body language also reflects that. 

Make a Eye Contact

Make a Eye Contact​

Eye contact is very important part of communication skill. Eye contact is what happens when the two people look at each others eyes at a same time. it is kind of non verbal communication that humans use to communicate with each other. in mid early 1960s the term came from west to define the act as a meaningful and it is important sigh of confidence and respect.

The eyes is the central part of the body. a good eye contact is very important for during a conversation. they shows a range of motion that words won’t always speak and honesty can help to build trust with others. eye connect is also known as “direct gaze”.

Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak​

Think before you speak is a really good communication skill to develop to avoid causing trouble in your life and also in your relationships, career and daily life. when you don’t think before speak, it means you are more likely to make badly informed statements and reduce your credibility. other side think before speak it helps you clarify your thoughts, thinking before speaking can help you organize your thoughts and express yourself more clearly.

Thinking before you speak allows you to pause and consider the impact of your words on those around you and you must be ensure that your comments are meaningful and respectful and it is help to avoid bad words.

Be Respectful

Be Respectful​

Be respectful is very important part to improve your communication skill. respectful communication is the responsibility of everyone of all levels in all interations. when a communication be honest, open and polite. framing your message in a very positive way can have a powerful impact on the conversation leaving the other person feeling at end on it.

A respectful communication is experienced as a sense of safety and also build a trust the allows one to be authentic, open and expressing your feeling thoughts and ideas so that effective communication occurs.

Be Mindful

Be Mindful​

Mindful communication involves applying principles of the mindfulness. it is the way we correspond with others. when you are talking mindfully , you are conscious of the words you choose. you think before you speak and make a decisions to use your best communication in a very respectful manner. 

Mindful communication skill is a technique that encourages individual to communicate effectively by being a present in the moment, active listening and responding with empathy and kindness.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude​

A positive attitude can lead to increased communication, respect and trust among with others. the importance of positive attitude in communication is the significant support that it brings to process so you can reach the main true purpose of communication. it help you to reach it while maintaining or even improving relationship that you have with others, and also it is very useful to improve your communication skill.

Positive attitude is a skill and it is a key to solving the problems, to overcoming obstacles and to creating new pathways of success.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence ​

Emotional intelligence can improve your communication skill by allowing you to stay calm under pressure and ensure you to stay in control of your emotions and they effect your communication. the good communication requires communicating clearly and understanding what the other person. with emotional intelligence and better understand the feeling and need of others.

High emotional intelligence show in many areas of the person life for example : display of good self control when faced with something emotionally upsetting, show empathy towards others peoples and taking criticism well.

Be Assertiveness

Be Assertiveness​

Be assertiveness is kind of communication skill. it helps to communcating with others in a direct and honest manner without any intentionally hurting anyone feelings. assertive communication can reduce conflits, build self- confidence and ehnace your personity and improve work realationship with others.

It is an core of communication skill to express yourself effectively and stand up for the your point of view. it is also called a declarative sentences.

Watch Your Tone

The tone of voice is very important skill to use when speaking to others is an essential part of the communication. your tone of voice is the manner in which you speak to someone not just your words. along with nonverbals tone like body language and eye contact. tone of voice is a important element of communication skill that often speaks and it is more powerfully than your actual word.


Make Notes

Make Notes​

Note making is very important communication skill. note making helps in remembering and reviewing the previous occasions said or hear. it also helps in comprehension, thinking and gives a super listing record. and the arrangement assists with going through massive archives quicker.

Note making is captures information you see or hear during a presentation by using effective note taking practices. you can use to aid your understanding and save your time.

Ask For Feedback

Ask For Feedback​

Feedback is very essential and effective communication skill. because it help the sender check that their message has been understood and received as a intended and modify their communication. feedback in communication is the response reaction or information given by recipient of a message to sender. it is the process of letting someone to known in which areas they need to improve.

Ask for feedback helps you to improve your performance. when you ask someone how you can improve your work performance and the quality of work.


Be Clear And Concise

Be Clear And Concise​

Be clear and concise is very necessary need to improve your communication skill. in order to success in your communicating , you need to keep your audience attention. be clear and concise is the way to capture and retain their intrust.

Clearly speech is a especially necessary for people with hearing loss and helps avoid misunderstanding. but it helps everyone and it is not easy to Number and talk without looking at the person.

conciseness is communicating complete information of a topic or a idea in a few words and concise writing also involves mindful of word choice.


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